Friday, July 13, 2018

Back on Board!

Very excited!  Spent a lot of time trying to get back up and running.  I'm technologically challenged so getting the website to do what I wanted was a feat!  I'll be updating the pages soon!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas is right around the corner!  December special - all lotions have been discounted $1 on the on-line store (Regular price is $8).  Bonus - we now have gift certificates available.  Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Special Offers & Discounts

Like us on Facebook and starting this month we will have special discounts/offers posted each month!

NEW Fragrances Available!!!

We have added some new fragrances and some old favorites are now available in both soaps and lotions! 

Baby Talc

Coming soon:
Arctic Spring (a wonderful blend of mint & rosemary)

Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Lip Balm season!  We have several flavors to choose from - check out our on-line store.  Our newest flavor - Watermelon - and it is yummy!  My new favorite!

After many months of not being able to get the essential oil at an affordable price - we now have Lavender lotion (and soap) available!

We have had several new additions here at the farm - 13 baby goats so far and a new heifer calf!  We are very excited and still have several does left to kid.  Our new buck (from Crosstimbers) is producing beautiful babies. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We have soaps, lotions and lip balms available!  Check out our Soaps and Lotions page for what fragrances we have available.  We have made a few changes and are still in the process of implementing them.  We changed our soap design - same recipe but new look. We have also changed how we package them.  They now come unboxed and shrink wrapped. This saves on expense and space when shipping and has a lower impact on the environment. You can still get them in the box if you specify when ordering. And finally, you can now order online!  We accept all credit cards through our online store and in person.  We are currently working on having a link embedded on this site. Until then you can click on the following link: Honey Milk Farms On-Line Store  or clink on the link "Honey Milk Farms Online Store" in our Favorite Links tab.

For now until October 31, 2014 we are continuing our "Buy Three Soaps Get One Free."

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Goodness time flies!  Our farm life has taken a back seat to some major events in our lives.  First, we completed the construction of our house.  It was a huge undertaking and all three of us (Gary, William and myself, Julie) did the majority of the construction with only hiring out the concrete work and the drywall.  Second, William graduated High School and is now in his first semester at college!  Third, I went back into the work force.

We have expanded our cattle a little and scaled back our goat operation.  That is if you can call 26 goats scaling back :)  There hasn't been much time for gardening and really with the drought it wouldn't have been much anyway.  We did lose one hive of bees but we are hoping to add several more hives in Spring 2014.

Soaps and lotions had been put on hold, but we are hoping to replenish stocks soon.  We do have lotion and some soaps available.  You can email us at for a current list.

All of us, critters included, wish you all a Merry Christmas!