Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wow is it HOT! I can't tell you how many days we've had over 100 degrees and no rain. Today seems the worst - 112 right now - ugh! We are trying to keep the fruit trees and native pecan trees watered so they won't die. So many trees all around are dying - looks like Fall - just doesn't feel like it. None of the animals seem to want to leave the shade - can't say that I blame them. Not sure if we will have a honey crop - there is nothing to feed the bees. Our grass is drying up and I've had to buy hay (First time ever in Summer). It's been a rough year - first below average cool temps while our fruit trees were blooming - so no fruit with the exception of a few apples. The blueberries did produce as they are polinated by Bumble Bees which can fly at lower temps than the Honey Bees and other pollinators. Our tomatoes and peppers were producing well up until about a week ago - then the attack by grasshoppers and beetles. Since we don't use chemicals we are having to just deal with it. I am hoping the plants survive and we will have a Fall crop.