Sunday, December 8, 2013

Goodness time flies!  Our farm life has taken a back seat to some major events in our lives.  First, we completed the construction of our house.  It was a huge undertaking and all three of us (Gary, William and myself, Julie) did the majority of the construction with only hiring out the concrete work and the drywall.  Second, William graduated High School and is now in his first semester at college!  Third, I went back into the work force.

We have expanded our cattle a little and scaled back our goat operation.  That is if you can call 26 goats scaling back :)  There hasn't been much time for gardening and really with the drought it wouldn't have been much anyway.  We did lose one hive of bees but we are hoping to add several more hives in Spring 2014.

Soaps and lotions had been put on hold, but we are hoping to replenish stocks soon.  We do have lotion and some soaps available.  You can email us at for a current list.

All of us, critters included, wish you all a Merry Christmas!