About Saanens & Sables

Spazz - Saanen
Saanens are a large, heavy producing, dairy goat with a quiet calm personality. They are usually white or light cream. Occasionally they have color and therefore no longer registered or called a Saanen but a Sable. We have been raising Saanens since 1996. We orginally were looking at other breeds of dairy goats. In the Fall of 1995 we attended the Colorado State Fair's Dairy Goat Show and were amazed at the difference in temperaments. The Saanens were the only ones in the barn who were quietly chewing their cud and seemed totally relaxed. Gary looked at me and pointed at them and said "Those are the goats you can raise." We purchased our first registered Saanens from Dr. Joan Bowen of Wellington, CO. Our herd now is now around 50, most all are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. We haven't shown in years for various reasons, but we are hoping to show in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing a Saanen please see our Goats For Sale page. At this time we will not be selling any female Sables.

Bernierre - Sable

Miata - Sable (Sadie's daughter)

Sadie - Sable