Wednesday, August 29, 2018


We now have our Sensitive Skin in the 5oz bars available.  Our smaller bars are still on sale but going FAST!  See what's available by clicking on the link for the on-line store:
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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Hoof trimming - Buttercup gets a manicure

So my friends, Tadd and Kim, recently moved to some amazing acres out in the country.  They got a couple of llamas and then added a beautiful little donkey, Buttercup, and her adorable two month old baby, Nugget. 

Buttercup needed a manicure as her feet had been neglected by her previous owner.  Her front hooves had grown too long and then broke off in places.

Buttercup was patient for about all of ten minutes - just long enough for me to get one of the front feet clipped and rasped.  She wanted no part of us messing with the second front hoof and back feet were out of the question.  

First foot done, Miss Buttercup decided she had had enough and layed down on us.  Little did she know that wouldn't get her out of getting her other feet done.  It actually made it easier on all of us!  

After the trimming was done, Miss Buttercup got a good slathering of Hooflex on all sides and the bottom of her hooves.



Success!!! Buttercup's feet are in much better shape.  Tadd and I, well, let's just say Miss Buttercup is amazingly accurate in locating her targets and making impact with her strong hard hooves.  No real harm done and grateful Buttercup wasn't any bigger!  Thanks Kim for all the amazing photographs!! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lightning Strike!

 Lightning Strikes Tree 

So, after a little thunderstorm passed through, I looked out of my kitchen window.  I noticed one of the nearby trees looking quite odd.

It looked as if something had peeled off a section of bark the entire length of the tree - from the very bottom all the way to the very top  
Exploded Bark from Lightning Strike

Upon closer inspection - the bark was not peeled, it was blown off, we are talking EXPLOSION!  Pieces and strips of bark everywhere. 

The tree is less than 25 yards from the house and there were pieces of bark actually on the back porch.

Fun fact:  Lightning can cause temperatures in excess of 50,000 degrees F!  When it hits a tree as in this case, the extreme temperatures cause the sap in the tree to boil.  The pressure builds and voila - bark explosion.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Soap Sale!!

Time to stock up!  We are currently changing our soap.  Our soap will still be made with the same great recipe with moisturizing oils, Shea butter and milk from our Saanen dairy goats.  What's changing?  Our soap will now come in 5 ounce ovals.  So, we are discounting all of our soap inventory to make room for our new and improved soaps!  All soaps that have essential oils have been discounted to $2.75 and our unscented soaps and those with fragrance oil are now $2.50.  In addition, we have dropped our shipping charge to a flat $5.00 no matter how large the order.  Visit our online store to see what is available!