About Us

Welcome to Honey Milk Farms

We, that is me (Julie), my husband (Gary) and our son (William) and our farm, Honey Milk Farms, are located on 20 acres just a little ways south and west of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. We raise Saanen and Sable dairy goats, chickens, cows and bees. We also have a small garden and fruit tree orchard. We strive to raise and grow everything as chemical and pesticide free as possible.

We sell a variety of items produced on our farm:  Registered Saanen dairy goats, quality Angus cattle, handmade goatmilk soap, lotions and lip balms.  I apologize but at this time we are currently not selling milk or eggs. 

Please feel free to contact us at: honeymilkfarms@gmail.com and like us out on Facebook to learn the most up-to-date stuff here on the farm and/or our products.

How it all started, or should I say, the path to how we got to where we are today.....Both Gary and I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas.  Dogs, cats and horses were the extent of our animal experience in those growing up years.  After we met and married, we longed to live a more "back to the basics" kind of life.  We read every Countryside, Mother Earth News and any other homesteading magazines or books we could get our hands on.  We were also tired of living in such a large Metroplex with no land but plenty of traffic and congestion everywhere you turned.  We had visited Colorado a number of times and had fallen in love with the "wild" beautiful country with the cool clear streams and crisp clean air.  Before our son's first birthday, Gary took a job and rented a house with a large yard and barn on the outskirts of Pueblo, Colorado.  So we packed everything we had in a large Uhaul.  Now, I had never lived anywhere but Texas and never very far from my family, which would now be an approximately 13 hours drive away.  As we were pulling away, I started having second thoughts (yep, totally understand what you are thinking - really bad time to have second thoughts).  So I made Gary promise me that I could raise whatever animals I wanted.  He was agreeable - little did he, or even I for that matter, know what exactly that would mean.

With the rent house came our first goat - a little horned Toggenburg male.  I was so excited and he was so cute - at first.  Then as he grew into a big goat, he learned he could stand on the back porch, rear up and keep me from going inside or around him.  I learned male goats are VERY stinky and horned ones are even worse.  So Mr. Bill had to find a new home and we started our quest for a more manageable goat and so began our Saanen dairy goat herd saga.  You can read more about our goat endeavors on the Saanen and Sable page.  Colorado was the start of many things - the goats, chickens, butcher pigs and Anatolian Shepherds.  We bought forty acres up in the mountains.  Now that was an adventure - truly incredible 360 degree views of mountains, but no running water, no electricity, mountain lions, and black bears - oh my.  Now I should qualify that - we did live in a 33 foot camper, so having actual lights meant keeping the batteries charged with the generator.  Water - well, we hauled it in the back of our truck in a 300 gallon tank, which we transferred to the camper - which allowed us to take showers, wash dishes and anything else requiring water.  Eventually we bought a single wide mobile home, which gave us more space, but we had to use kerosene lamps and heaters in it, while the camper still functioned as our food prep, dish-washing station, shower and bathroom. Was it hard?  Well, that's relative...but yes, and I wouldn't trade those times for anything. There is a certain kind of satisfaction knowing - we did it, and not only did we survive - we thrived!

After ten years in Colorado, we made a tough decision to leave a place we absolutely loved to move closer to family and some place that had decent rainfall.  Where we lived in Colorado the average rainfall was 11 inches a year.  We could grow cactus but that was about it and we had to hay the goats year round.  I remember telling my mother years earlier that I would never leave Colorado, lesson - never say never!  We longed to raise animals in a more natural setting and grow more of our own food, but really didn't want to go back to the "rat race" in Texas.  Hello Oklahoma!  Gary has an incredible knack for finding truly amazing places and he found us an old farm house on a small acreage.  We moved onto the 2.2 acres with the dairy goats and rented our next door neighbor's empty horse paddocks for our 120+ Boer meat goats.  There is "the Boer Saga" - long story...maybe for another time.  A few years later, Gary got a job in the Tulsa area.  We needed to move closer and, in addition, we wanted more land.  We looked for some acreage within commuting distance for Gary.  Once again, Gary found us the perfect place just outside of Sapulpa.  We were really looking for more than 20 acres, but this place had so much to offer.  It already had a barn, shop with apartment, and the foundation of a house, as well as, wild blackberries, native pecan trees, rich clover and bermuda grass.  The house was an incredible opportunity and a labor of love.  The three of us built it basically from the ground up and contracted very little out.  Farm wise, we added Angus cattle, bees, free range chickens, fruit trees, and blueberry plants. 

I have been making cheese and soaps out of the goat's milk for years for our personal use, but branched out and started selling the soaps, as well as, lotions made with goat milk and lip balms from our beeswax at farmer's markets and on-line.

Stay tuned for more adventures at Honey Milk Farms and check out our on-line store for products we currently offer.